Top 10 Cancer & Chronic Disease Supportive Recommendations

1.  Avoid inflammatory foods – eat ideally raw plant based diet

2.  Alkaline the body and give it alkaline food and liquid

3.  Clear out the toxins from the body – enemas, colonics, cleansing

4. Avoid toxins in environment

5.  Increase your immune system

6.  Avoid sugar

7.  Remove stress from your surroundings and your internal mind

8.  Move your body, move your energy, massage, energy work

9.  Remove all shoulds in your life and choose you and your healing

10.  Increase your self love and become your own best friend


Do you ever experience feeling out of control?  Where things are moving around you so fast and you are doing your best to keep up? 

Maybe you feel like you are riding a fast moving train and don’t know how to get off? 

I had the most intense experience of this when my mom got diagnosed with cancer and died 3 months later.

That was 10 years ago and I still remember that out of control, completely lost and in fear feeling as we researched ways to heal my mom naturally.

There was a lot of information coming my way, very fast and I had no idea what to make of most of it.  What to believe and what path to follow?

Fearing losing my mom, seeing her deteriorate before my eyes and not knowing what to do, was the WORST EXPERIENCE OF MY LIFE.

Being without knowledge, power and feeling helpless when you or a loved one is sick….is TORTURE!

So after my mom passed, I made it my life mission to educate and inspire others, so no one will have to experience the torture of powerlessness.

My Coaching Programs, Online Video Classes and TV Show are ways I can inspire, educate and empower you.  

I am here to support you.

I can coach you on healing cancer, diabetes and all ailments naturally;  losing weight naturally and keeping it off with no counting calories; having more energy;  feeling better in your body;  and being happier in your life.

I can coach you on increasing self love in your life and love in your relationships; learning to use your thoughts and speech to create your desired reality; creating more freedom and happiness in your life;  and loving your body.

To learn more about my soon to be launched TOTALLY JUICY 21 Day Coaching Program – click here….I am taking on 10 new clients in May….Hope one of them is you!

Contact me on the CONTACT TAB if you want to get started on coaching now and book a session.  There is a $20 discount for anyone starting before the May launch date.

Here is a video of one of my clients, Yvette, who I taught weekly raw food classes to while living in Hana Hawaii.   

We are now great friends and to this day she thanks me that my coaching helped kick start her healing and spiritual journey….and saved her life!