40 Day Challenge

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Have extra energy, lose weight, poop more, heal, cleanse, feel better and be happier.
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You don’t have to change your diet,just have a green smoothie every morning!

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Green Smoothie Gangster is a revolution that is activating and empowering people all over the world to live an extraordinary life. It’s an invitation to change your life for the better by doing one simple thing:

Having a green smoothie every morning.

You don’t have to change your eating, just add a green smoothie for breakfast and feel the profound shifts in your body, in your health and in your happiness. This simple, delicious, easy to make drink will change your life, I guarantee it.

Right after drinking my first green smoothie, now 8 years ago, I got a rush of energy. I was told about all the health benefits, how many lives it changed and I started making one every morning. I pooped more, yippee, wasn’t as hungry all the time, had sooooo much more energy and I felt really good. So I was hooked!

Although I ate healthy I didn’t realize how little I was eating dark leafy greens. My staple smoothie was banana and spinach for the first year. Eventually, I got more creative and added other fruits and greens to mix it up.

I am 10 years on this health path….In love with Kale! Green Smoothies and Green Juices!

I am confident that a green smoothie changed my life and changed the lives of everyone I introduced it to. I created this Green Smoothie Gangster Challenge as a way to make getting healthy simple. I am suggesting you don’t have to change anything about your diet just add a green smoothie every morning.

I’ve put a lot of love into this program and this message is near and dear to my heart. My mom passed away of cancer 10 years ago and since then I have been researching and experimenting with ways we can heal our bodies naturally. The green smoothie challenge is step one of that information.

I hope you love it!
With love and gratitude

♥ Petra ♥
Juicy Life Activist & Green Smoothie Gangster


More energy, More poops
Less Weight, Less Wrinkles, More Happy

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Sono – Vancouver, Canada

“I was looking for foods that would help me get my health back on track, so I started drinking green smoothies although they were a brand new concept for me.  The green smoothies have helped me increase my greens and fruit intake and I have experienced many changes like lightness in my body, easier breathing, clearer sight and mind.  It’s very fun to make them and I now enjoy them not only as a drink but as delicious medicine.”


Tracey – Vancouver, Canada

“Petra introduced me to the green smoothie about 5 years ago.  Once I felt the benefits of having a smoothie in my daily routine, it became a must have.  I feel more balanced, alert and have peace of mind knowing I’m getting a big portion of my daily greens and fruit intake in one easy and delicious drink.  I feel healthy, alive and juicy!”


Naomi – London, England

“I love green smoothies!  They are such a quick, easy way to get a hit of nutrients and energy in my body.  I have suffered with irregular bowel movements and poor digestion in the past and now feel lighter and happier.  I am a total convert and have got my parents and sister on the green smoothie challenge too.  Thank you Petra for sharing an amazingly simple and yummy way to transform our health – your enthusiasm and passion are infectious!”


Woody – Calgary, Canada

My first experience with green smoothies was after a friend referred me to this web site in November 2013.  I had just been ordered by my Doctor to lose 10% of my body weight, or risk becoming a diabetic.  I planned to replace one meal a deal with a fruit smoothie, and after hearing about the benefits of Kale on this web site, I switched to green “gangster smoothies” and never looked back.  


Pam – Vancouver, Canada

1 week into my green smoothies and due to constipation from my medications, I no longer have to take laxatives.  My smoothie is working like a hot damn….why didn’t I do this sooner.  Kale, sprouts and spinach is my go-to mix!


Janet-Lee, San Francisco, California

Petra has been a catalyst on how I view my diet and has actually made it fun (for someone who does not like to cook) to prepare easy, delicious food including my green smoothies.  A-D-D-I-C-T-E-D, like madly in love with, crave, yearn for green smoothies.  I love this one daily practice.  I don’t have to spend a long time in the kitchen to eat well, nor do I spend a long time in the bathroom anymore – yes Petra’s pooping tips and green smoothies have eliminated my constipation.  I am so grateful.

You don’t have to change your diet,

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This 40 day challenge will guide and inspire you to the real deal health. This isn’t some fad diet or supplement program. This is real food and real life. This is a lifestyle that anyone can do…including you!

You will learn a lot more than green smoothies. Every week you will receive 3 videos that will introduce you to simple health tips, recipes, self love and feel good in your body practices. This program is a way to kick start your health. It’s easy, guided and made doable for everyone.

Why 40 days? Science states it takes 40 days to change a habit and having a green smoothie every morning will not only change your eating habits it will profoundly change your life.


Starting a program right now might seem like too much, especially the emails. Life can get busy and it’s hard at times to fit it all in. Sometimes I sign up for programs and they bombard me with emails that I can’t even keep up.

I know your time is valuable and so I’ve made this program simple and doable for you. To respect your time I’m only sending you 2 emails per week.

Your first weekly email will have your shopping list, a link to the private webpage with 3 how to videos, a list of benefits you can expect to feel within that week and juicy inspirations and love from me.

A few days later you will receive your second weekly email with more juicy inspirations, love and a personal green smoothie story from me.

It’s that simple.


  • 18 videos total
  • 6 how to make smoothie videos
  • 6 learn about food you eat videos
  • 6 self empowerment and self love videos
  • weekly tips and tricks
  • inspirational notes
  • empowering affirmations
  • personal stories from me


It’s a simple concept.
Make a blender full of green smoothie every morning and share it!

Share it with your family, your coworker, your neighbor, your mail carrier, your dog walker, your kids teacher, someone you admire, someone you love, someone you want to nurture, someone who could use some healing.

Sharing your smoothie is an incredible way you can make a difference in the world by making a difference in someone else’s life.

Give the gift of love – Give the gift of a green smoothie



1. Can I do this? I am busy.

Yes you can! This is 10 minutes every morning. The benefits will outweigh all your time concerns and this is about a lifestyle change. So wake up a few minutes earlier or make your smoothie the night before. Make time for yourself, you are worth it!

2. Can I eat other food?

Yes. Try replacing your breakfast with a GS every morning. Then eat what you want the rest of the day. I inspire you to choose healthier alternatives and I will show you how.

3. Is it expensive to make smoothies?

No. Organic alternatives will be more expensive than buying conventional produce but I do recommend you spend the extra dollars and buy no chemical food. Especially your greens. Sometimes it pays to invest in yourself now instead on Doctors later.

4. What is the difference between a smoothie and a juice.

Both are amazing and have their purpose. A smoothie uses a blender – a juice uses a juicer. Blenders are cheaper and easier to clean. Smoothies are full of fibre so they help you clean, give you a more full feeling and are an instant energy boost. Juices are no fibre so no digesting meaning they are an instant vitamin boost.

5. Can pregnant women and kids drink green smoothies?

Yes Yes Yes! GS are an awesome way to boost your nutrition intake. Kids love GS and what a great way to get them to eat spinach and kale every day. Pregnant ladies, its all about your vitamin intake to nourish your growing babe so drink up….you and your peanut are gonna love them!