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petraHi my name is Petra and I came upon this path over 10 years ago when my mom was diagnosed with cancer and died 3 months later. During those 3 months I researched extensively for alternate ways to heal my mom naturally. I discovered many things and learned so much about health, nutrition and healing the body naturally.

I was so blown away by the things I was learning….what?!! sugar stops your immune system from working for 20 minutes? This should be on the front page of every newspaper and I heard my call to adventure as this was now my path to spread the message of natural healing into the world.

Our time was short, there was an overload of information and days were moving so fast that we couldn’t outrun the fast moving train of cancer. My mom’s death took a huge toll on me as she was my best friend and played an integral part of my daily life. My desire to spread health into the world got buried in grief. I did make several huge changes in my own diet however and knew I was on a very healthy path.

My momma - Yarka - in her 30's. I travel with this picture and put it on my alter where ever I am the photo has glued to the glass and the glass broke. I miss my beautiful vibrant fun kind loving momma!

My momma – Yarka – in her 30’s. I travel with this picture and put it on my alter where ever I am. The photo has glued to the glass and the glass broke. I miss my beautiful vibrant fun kind loving momma!

Six years later, I joined a friend for a raw food class in a woman’s home. I didn’t know what I was getting into and as always was very open minded and willing to learn something new. Within 10 minutes of listening to the woman speak – this lightbulb went on in my mind and a clear voice within me said “I know all this”. This is everything I was learning when I was researching for my mom and I realized that my mom and I spent one night with a raw foodist on Vancouver island that confidently told me she could heal my mom of cancer.

At the time, I was skeptical and saw her as one of many people who came to me to tell me they had the answer. I now realize they all did. This woman said that if my mom went on a raw food diet of greens, sprouts, wheat grass, spirulina, chlorella; did colonics, infrared saunas, did Chi Gong, rebounded, and took time to self reflect and heal what was within that she could be cancer free.

10 years after my mom’s death and all these years of extensive research, spending time with many powerful healers and health experts, I believe with my whole being that each of us has the power within to heal ourselves naturally of any ailment or disease.

My message is simple, profound, changes lives and empowers people. We can all feel better, be happier and live life optimally. It is time for all of us to stop surviving and start thriving.

With lots of LOVE and Gratitude

♥ Petra ♥
Juicy Life Activist & Green Smoothie Gangster


Green Smoothie Gangster and Eat Juicy are about:

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Why green smoothies? Green smoothies are the easiest, fastest and yummiest way to cleanse, heal your body and transform your life.

Having just one green smoothie every morning before breakfast or instead of breakfast will change your life… I guarantee it.

Green Smoothie Gangsters are revolutionaries and people making a difference on this planet by healing their own bodies minds and souls first and then inspiring others to join them.

They are taking a stand against the medical system and taking their power back to heal their own body, build up their immune system and never be sick again! Ever!

They are stepping outside the box and not conforming to society and how society is telling them to live. They are dreamers, seekers and leaders forging a new way in the world and inspiring others to do the same

Why green smoothies? Green smoothies are the easiest, fastest and yummiest way to cleanse, heal your body and transform your life.

My mission is to EMPOWER YOU… and

Hand out green smoothies all over the world and sign peeps up for the 40 Day Challenge!


My mission is also to…

  • give you the tools to lose weight, look younger, have more energy, strengthen your immune system, heal constipation and your body
  • empower you to know yourself and your body, so you are not handing your power over to doctors and hoping that they have all the answers for you
  • remind you that you have the power to heal yourself naturally in direct proportion to how well you eat, think and move
  • show you how to feed your children food that will aid in their growth
  • remind you that the only way to heal or prevent disease and live an extraordinary life is to LOVE YOURSELF! Really really love and adore yourself! Be your own best friend and take care of yourself first.
  • inspire you to love your body and love your life. We only have one body to live in and one life to live so we might as well LOVE IT! ♥

How you fuel your body with the
food you eat, the liquids you drink,
and the thoughts you think is your
connection to optimal health.

“Let thy food be thy medicine and thy medicine be thy food”
Hippocrates, father of medicine

Hydration is the key to health and to EAT JUICY is to eat food that is full of water, nutrients, life force, digestive enzymes and oxygen.

EAT JUICY is an invitation to eat a more plant based diet of fruit, vegetables, nuts and seeds vibrating with life force and direct energy from the sun which gives us a natural high, heals our body of ailments and prevents disease.

Raw food contains enzymes (the first thing lost when food is heated about 118 degrees F), which are proteins that aid in digestion, immune function, brain activity and energy production. Once the natural enzymes in food are destroyed, our bodies then draw upon their own well of enzymes for digestion which takes our energy, leaves us feeling sluggish and looking old.

Our bodies are about 80% water when we are born and reduce to about 50% when we die. We start out as plump juicy grapes and then dry up to shriveled raisons. To EAT JUICY is to maintain or replenish this water content within our bodies so we stay hydrated, lubricated and juicy. When we EAT JUICY we naturally lose wrinkles, look younger, have more energy, cleanse and heal.

The food we eat is either going to heal us or it is going to kill us. Eating raw food is eating healing – life giving food. Eating processed food is eating harmful – life taking food.

Raw food = Holy Grail

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Every bite you take
& every thought you think
Is either healing you or killing you

You choose…

As you know my mom passed away of cancer 10 years ago and i have made it my mission to understand why we get cancer and how we can heal it. I wanted to share my thoughts with you in hopes that it will bring you to greater healing or prevent you from ever getting sick!

Allopathic medicine makes us believe that cancer is a monster that gets us and they insist everyone just cut it out or kill it with chemo. I believe cancer is something that is part of us – it is something that we create through stored up emotions, regrets, resentments, lack of self love, toxins, and an inbalance of energy withing the body. We are energetic beings and we need the right energy to survive and we need our body energy to be flowing freely. When our energy is blocked by toxins or emotions or we have starved our body of certains healing energies disease forms (dis – ease of the body).

Cancer is a signal to get internal and heal our hearts and souls. To reflect on the emotions, anger, frustration, hurt, unforgiveness, our personal self care and our life style.

And it is also a signal that the fuel (food, drink, thoughts, experiences,) we have been putting in our body is building up and creating our body to be very acidic. When we can alkaline our body and rebalance our energy, disease can’t live there. No disease can live in an alkaline body.

The natural healing centers around the world that are healing people naturally (no chemo and no radiation) of cancer with a very alkaline diet (green raw food mainly and juices) which are giving the body the vitamins and the nutrition for the body to do what it does best – HEAL. Healing Centers are also giving the body a jump start to healing by cleansing the body of all the toxins that are making it sick in the first place. Our body constantly working to make us healthy when we can get out of the way.

These healing centers also have the best success rates because people are changing their lifestyles and changing what caused the cancer in the first place so there are no chances of it coming back. And changing the mind and the mind set and the thoughts is the primary way to heal cancer.

Cancer is a very inward journey and not what doctors tell us (they still haven’t figured out a cure – and they don’t want to – it is a billion dollar industry and unfortunately healing the people is not really what the government is after) many many many people are healed of cancer from juicing, spring water, remineralizing with good salt, and releasing stored up negative thoughts and emotions – and cancer never comes back!

I invite you to research some things for yourself and invite you to self love yourself way more! Most of us are givers, we give and give and give our energy to others. It is ok and time to be a receiver and really spend time loving adoring and relishing on yourself.

I send you much love, respect, admiration, wisdom, courage and strength on your journey

Love you! You are brave and healthy!

More notes:

  • the power of the mind is one of the main factors in healing
  • healing centers all over the world healing people of cancer all the time
  • they feed the body tons of nutrition and vitamins through green raw food – cleanse the body of toxins – and educate and heal the mind
  • they kick the body from an acidic state to an alkaline state – change the PH
  • no disease can live in an alkaline body
  • you do not have to die – the centers are not cheap but worth your life
  • you get to choose to survive and heal what ever is within that caused the cancer to create in the first place
  • cancer is not a beast that comes to attack you and comes from nowhere
  • you co-create cancer with your body, your mind, your soul, your beliefs, your way of being in the world, how you see the world, the stories you tell about your life, and how much resentment, pain, anger and frustration you are hanging on to
  • you have to shift the energy of your thoughts to healing and are already healed
  • everyone around you has to see you as healthy and you have to see yourself as healthy
  • the moment you all give up hope – it is over
  • pray and pray together as a family, as a community
  • disease is just energy – it can be moved out of the body
  • easier than you think
  • it is an internal journey
  • get a juicer
  • reduce sugar – cancer loves sugar
  • eat alkaline food
  • drink spring water
  • stop eating acid food during your healing
  • find ways to heal your mind
  • read books, listen to audio books, find someone amazing to talk to
  • beat a pillow – scream – jump up and down to release negative emotions
  • stop all “should’s” in your life
  • become best friends with the inner being inside of you
  • fall in love with yourself
  • do the green smoothie gangster challenge – it will guide you through the self love (but drink green juices instead of green smoothies to avoid fruit)

also some resources

  1. This website
  2. Louise hay “You Can Heal Your Life” – all her stuff is brilliant – audio books and books
  3. Wayne Dyer audio programs and Abraham audio programs
  4. Hippocrates center in Florida www.hippocratesinst.org
  5. Tree of Life center in Arizona www.treeoflifecenterus.com
  6. Gerson Clinic in Mexico www.gerson.org
  7. Ann Wigmore Institute www.annwigmore.org
  8. “Science of the Mind” home study guide book Dr Frederick Bailes 
  9. “Healing Cancer from Inside Out” movie http://www.amazon.com/Healing-Cancer-From-Inside-Out/dp/B007ZDRJ5O
  10. www.healingcancernaturally.com website

Dr. Brian Clement, Hippocrates Institute

Charlotte Gerson, The Gerson Clinic

Raw food = Holy Grail

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