I had this interesting thought – a revelation really….
when we break up in a relationship what is really the suffering?
the pain, the sadness, the tears?

are we really losing the love of our life
or are we losing the dependency, the companionship, the knowing that there
was someone else in the world connected to us and life just doesn’t seem as
scary when we have someone to share it with
we have someone to keep us company so we can avoid feelings and fears of being alone

alone in our own company yes but also alone in the world
alone to make our own choices, to pave our own way, to follow our own
dreams and the longings of our heart
we are alone to listen to our own intuition instead of relying on our partner
to make choices and life directions for us

this free falling into openness, into aloneness, into our power to create our
life as we will and to no longer be dependent on anyone creating it for us
this is the fear, the tears, the sadness

it is also facing our own demons – how did I show up in that relationship?
perhaps evil self hatred thoughts come in – what is wrong with me? aren’t i loveable?
these self hating thoughts can be combated with taking accountability for
ourselves, who we are, how we showed up, how we contributed to the
creation of the relationship and how we contributed to the destruction

the moment we get empowered, accountable and love our selves so much
LOVEABLE – AND WE ARE FRIGGIN AMAZING then we can sit in the present
moment with our lives in front of us, be able to reflect on the past so we
know how we want to create the present and the future
look at the lessons and how we want to create from this moment on

I realize that once we are so empowered in who we are, in how we
powerfully create our lives with confidence, and how much we trust the
universe supporting us then we can start looking at our breakups in a whole
new light
we can let go of all the stories, fantasies, projections, plans, visions we had
for ourselves within the relationship and realize that we DO NOT need the
relationship to continue to create these visions and fantasies for our lives
it is time to create from a place of personal power, self reliance and
then we can let go of our once beloved with love and security
we can bless them, thank them, perform a letting go ceremony and send
them on their way
there was a time we were meant to be together and now it is time to part
no extra drama, stories, fears, contractions, self doubts, self loathing and
smallness needed – we are powerful gods and goddesses coming together as
king and queen to rule a world together for ever or a period of time

and ladies we must remember that we are a queen even without the king by our side….

we are powerful beyond measure, we are vibrational light energy, we are
divine beings on this planet for a short period of time

time to be completely empowered and loving our body, our self and our