When most of us think of bullying, we think kids and elementary school.

We think of some kid, who most likely came from a messed up home and took his/her rage out on other innocent kids. We think this is unacceptable and will do anything to protect our children.

But what about adult bullying? Did you ever think that you are the victim of being bullied by your spouse, sibling or friends? Did you ever think that disrespect, cutting remarks, squashing energy is a sign that you are being bullied?

I recognize that I have been subtly bullied throughout my adult life. By family, friends and ex partners and I have allowed myself to be a victim.

I use the word “allowed” because to be a victim is a choice. We can be powerful in our interactions with others or we can be a victim and we get to choose.

A bully cannot exist without a victim, so its a contract that we agree to with someone and we have the power to break it.

I write about this today, because last night I had a dream about an old best friend from high school who back then chose to no longer be my friend and energetically bullied me. I, at the time did nothing about it except feel hurt.

In my dream I stood up to her and told her, her behaviour was unacceptable and that I would not tolerate it.

I love that in the depths of our subconscious old memories and experiences live and eventually surface to be healed.

To give you the back story, in our 12th year of school I was concerned about her and her happiness and told her that I didnt like her boyfriend and felt he was not good for her. She chose to end our friendship and give me the silent treatment. She proceeded to try and turn all my friends against me, which I would hear about and also would purposely ignore me at social functions when we hung out in the same circle.

I said nothing about it. I just let it happen. This was energetic bullying, she purposely knew she was doing me harm and I CHOSE to be a victim.

This memory and dream healing allowed me to recognize the many relationships in my life, that I have allowed someone to subtly bully me and it shone a bright light into my affirmation of never again because I love myself so much!

If there is anyone in your life right now that disrespects you, talks down to you, squashes you, is rude to you, or unkind to you….It’s time to STOP being a victim and allowing this energy exchange to continue.

By continuing to ignore, complain about, be upset about, feel powerless about these behaviours of another, we empower them to bully us and we choose to be victims.

It’s time for all of us to claim our own personal power back. To address any situation or relationship in our life that is not lifting us up and transform it. We do have this power. We are this powerful and if we stay silent and suffer then we pretend that we aren’t.

Time to speak up for ourselves. Claim our power back and let others know we deserve respect. Respect ourselves enough to stop being victims in our lives and start being empowered people.

I hope this has served you and inspired you to live a more extraordinary life.

With love