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Are we losing the love of our life?

Are we losing the love of our life?

I had this interesting thought – a revelation really….
when we break up in a relationship what is really the suffering?
the pain, the sadness, the tears?

are we really losing the love of our life
or are we losing the dependency, the companionship, the knowing that there
was someone else in the world connected to us and life just doesn’t seem as
scary when we have someone to share it with
we have someone to keep us company so we can avoid feelings and fears of being alone

Holy Sh*t I’m On My Own

Captains Log Update: Almost 1 month on Green Smoothie Gangster Tour I am going through a lot at the same time as I am inspired and more and more empowered.

I am going through my ups and downs of my breakup. Feeling into this feeling of being alone. It has been a long time.

Feeling into full self accountability and not waiting for the man on the white horse to save me – I gotta save me – I gotta create my life – this is a weird psychological concept …

Speak The Truth…Even If Your Voice Shakes!

Speak The Truth…Even If Your Voice Shakes!

I had a transformation just now! I spoke my truth in a whole new way! I believed in myself and in my self worth so much that it over powered the fear of what the reaction from the other might be. I used to struggle with speaking my truth. I feared I would hurt the others feelings if I wanted to be different or do something different from their dreams and I feared love leaving me. I feared the other getting mad and there would be conflict. I avoided the …

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