I am excited to connect with you this week and to share this new episode of “Eat Juicy TV – Healthy tips and recipes to live an extraordinary life”.

In this episode I talk about one ingredient that is being added to most chips and so many other products that is toxic for the body and never meant for human consumption.

Used to make food cheaper and meant for machinery and magazines instead of food.

Check out this juicy video and empower yourself with knowledge!

I am a HUGE fan and HUGE encourager of everyone learning to read ingredients and reading them before purchasing each product in the grocery store.

The days of loading up your cart with everything based on looks and without any investigation are over if you want to be healthier and do good for your body.

There are hidden and harmful ingredients in our food that the Food and Drug Administration is not regulating and our Government is not taking a stand.

So its important for us to TAKE OUR POWER BACK and know what we are feeding ourselves and our kids.

Ingredients are listed on packages in a particular order.  The first ingredient is the most of and the last ingredient is the least of.   
For example if sugar is listed as the number one ingredient, it means this product has more sugar in it than any other ingredient.  Strawberry jam with sugar as the number one ingredient means there is more sugar in this jam than strawberries.

Also can you pronounce the ingredients?  Do you even know what they mean?  Are there more than 5 or 10 ingredients?  Are there food colorings?  

Yellow #5 which is banned in most European countries and has a mandatory warning label causes sterility in men, hyperactivity in children, asthma, allergies, fatigue, blurred vision, migraines, anxiety and is cancer causing.  

Food containing yellow #5 is freely and extensively used in USA and Canada.  And it’s found in sooooooo many children’s cereals and snacks.  Yikes!

More ingredients I avoid:

Monosodium Glutamate (MSG) – a slow poison that hides under many ingredient names and is linked to neurological disorders, obesity, Alzheimers, Parkinsons and so much more.

Aspartame – I call it rat poison, it’s branded as Nutrasweet and Equal, and is used instead of sugar.  Found in chewing gum and diet food.

Corn products – unless stated organic, they are GMO (genetically modified in a lab).

High fructose corn syrup – GMO and lethal for the body, causes diabetes, hypertnsion, weight gain, etc.

Canola oil – never meant for human consumption, its a machinery oil.  A great insect repellent as no bugs will eat it.  GMO product.

White sugar – I call this white death as it causes the immune system to stop for 20 min after consuming.  Leading cause of weight gain and diabetes.  Biggest over the counter drug and everyone is addicted to it.

White salt – stripped of all nutrients, causes inflammation in the body and leads to diabetes.

White flour – devoid of nutrients and an allergen to the body.  No bugs will consume it since they will die, should tell us something.

Wheat – an allergen to the body that causes inflammation and makes the body work hard to process it.
Dairy – causes inflammation and excess flem in the body.  Non organic milk means cows are being poorly treated, over milked and fed GMO feed.

Food colouring – Blue 1, 2, Red 3, Green 3, Yellow 5, 6 cause cancer and tumors in lab animals.  

Soy – not a health food as we have been brainwashed to believe.  It is GMO and effects fertility, estrogen levels and is very acidic for the body.

And other ingredients you don’t understand or can’t pronounce.


Our health is in our hands and we have the power if we have the knowledge.  

I hope this episode raises your awareness about the importance of reading labels and knowing what is in your food.
More juicy info coming your way next week.  Have a beautiful day. 



Juicy Life Activist & Green Smoothie Gangster