Cleansing your body


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You might have seen or heard of people doing juice cleanses, liver flushes or other cleanse programs.

Maybe you’ve been interested but too scared to try. Maybe you thought it would be too hard and you feared giving up food.

I get it!  It took me a while to do my first juice cleanse but it wasn’t as hard as I feared and I FELT REALLY GOOD ON IT!

I had tons of energy, really amazing mental focus, awesome sleeps, vivid dreams, my body felt amazing and I wasn’t hungry.

In this 5-7 day cleanse I will guide you to adding more JUICY FOOD into your diet (juices, smoothies, flavoured waters, fruit, kick ass salads & raw soups).

You get to choose the length but anything past 3 days is awesome and you will feel the effects.

Ideally you will give your body a break from wheat, dairy, soy, meat, coffee & alcohol during this cleanse so the body has time to clean and heal.

You don’t have to starve or deprive yourself to be healthy.  This cleanse will be guided by me and we will have fun.  You will learn lots and your body will LOVE YOU![/text_block]



  • Friday, 7th May
  • Group Cleanse Starts
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Full Cleanse Contents

Daily videos from me during the cleanse.  Membership site with training videos, recipes, tips, shopping lists, prep plans and tons of insights to make this cleanse a breeze. List of supplements & superfoods to take this cleanse even deeper.


  • Flush accumulated toxins out of your body
  • Lose excess unwanted weight & puffiness
  • Look younger & get a glow from inside out
  • Heal constipation, bloated & farty stomach
  • Get way more energy
  • More mental clarity & sharper memory
  • Boost your immune system & prevent sickness
  • Clean out all that excess gunk your body has been storing for years
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Your body spends its energy on 2 things:  Healing you or Digesting your food.

When we give our body a break from digesting by eating more JUICY FOOD which requires no or little digestion, then the body will spend its time on healing us. So join me for 5-7 days and give your body this time for HEALING. We start Tuesday May 17th 2016 as a group or you can do the cleanse on your own time – the videos and training will be available to you.

For less than $10 per day, you will heal your body.  Pay for prevention now or with doctors /drugs later. You choose![/text_block]

Join This Cleanse for only $59

[text_block style=”style_1.png” align=”center” font_size=”17″ font_color=”%23707070″ width=”700″]Daily videos from me training & inspiring you.  An EAT JUICY GUIDE with recipes, shopping lists, prep ideas, tips, tools and practices to do this cleanse with ease from home.  Additional cleanse supplements & superfood suggestions to take your cleanse to the next level.  Join me – Ive got your hand and we are doing this together.[/text_block]
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