Eat Juicy – level 2 & level 3

Eat Juicy Video Classes:  Level 2 & Level 3

Gluten free! Wheat free!
Soy Free! Dairy Free!

30 video Recipe and How To Classes to help you reduce Gluten, Wheat, Soy and Dairy out of your diet? 

Is Gluten, Wheat, Soy and Dairy bad for me?

Yes.  We are all allergic to these 4 foods on some level.  Some more than others and each person’s body reactions and sicknesses will differ.

Also raw dairy is good for our body – Pasteurized Cooked dairy is bad for us

What about children eating foods made from the 4 above?

I am especially concerned with children eating these foods.  Their bodies are small and have a harder time processing the “poison” coming in.  Their immune system will work harder and the childs health suffers.

How do we feel in our body when we eat the 4 above?

Stuffy nose every morning – stop eating wheat!

Excess mucous in the throat, ears, nose – stop eating dairy and soy!

Acid reflex, acidic body, heart burn, crohns, IBS – stop eating all 4!

Slow, tired, brain fog, hard to move, heavy – stop eating all 4!

Allergies, skin rashes, eczema, dull skin, dull eyes – stop eating all 4!

How easy will it be to replace these 4 foods?

Easy and I will guide you.  I created video classes to teach ways you can replace these 4 foods.

You will learn all my favorite recipes that I make all the time and teach all my clients.

Yummy healthy food that actually TASTES REALLY GOOD which you will crave and make all the time! – trust me….

You will feel more energy, have better digestion, healthier looking skin, have more glow from the inside out, lose the puffy look,  feel better and be happier.

When you feel good in your body….You feel good in your life!

I’m happy to be your guide.  Join me on a healthier path today!


Juicy Life Activist & Green Smoothie Gangster

Learn My Simple Recipes – Eat Yummy Food – Feel Better!
Guilt Free Desserts! Salty Snacks! Quick & Easy Meals!
Learn how to take your health to the next level!
It’s easy….I’ll guide you!






LEVEL 2 & 3 BUNDLE  ♥ $80 Sale ♥

I’ll show you how to make
switch from LIFE TAKING FOOD
that is slowly killing you.

Are you tired of feeling tired?  Wanna stop eating chemicals? Wanna lose weight and feel great in your body?  Are you ready to take your health up a level?

Reducing or eliminating Gluten, Wheat, Soy, Dairy  and chemical foods can feel daunting.  How do you feed yourself when you are used to eating a certain way?

It’s easy with me as your guide…

Join me in my Kitchen as I show you my favorite Raw Food & Healthy Cooked Food Recipes that I make all the time and teach all my clients.


Recipes to switch out gluten, wheat, soy, dairy and chemicals

Make amazing Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner meals for your whole family

Yummy sin free desserts & Salty snacks

Smoothies & Juices

Plant based protein boosters for all your meals

Tips on storing your greens and my kitchen staple foods

Foods to avoid and tips to staying healthy

Sprouting nuts, almond milk, chia seeds, hemp seeds, and so much more.

I’ll show you how to Eat Juicy! Juicy food that is full of life force, water and oxygen. Food that instantly nourishes, hydrates and heals you.

Each program has 12 kick your butt to the next level videos, yummy good for you recipes, what to buy in the grocery store, tips, tricks and of course more radical self love.

This is food I make all the time and I am sharing it with you because it tastes soooooo good….

  • kitchen videos
  • grocery store videos
  • recipes
  • pictures of my favorite products – so you know what to buy

I love you and respect your time. You will only receive 1 email from me once you purchase this program with a link to the product page – where your videos, recipes and love from me live.

I love and support you gifting health to someone you love. This is the best gift we can give.

Getting healthy or healing from sickness can feel over whelming for some. Gifting a green smoothie, a program from the Eat Juicy store or a helping hand is a way you can support another.

Gifting is the economy of the future! Buy Juicy Store stuff for someone you love!

1. I’m allergic to gluten can I make these recipes?

Yes I show you how to make gluten free, wheat free, soy free, dairy free yummy snacks.

2. Can I afford to eat like this?

Yes – and you cant afford not to. Your life is at stake. These are some simple switches in your grocery shopping and the long term benefits are worth it.

3. Is this for kids and pregnant moms to be?

Yes this is for everyone. Everyone could use more nutrition, vitamins and life force. Especially your kids and bambinos to be. It’s important to feed them food that will boost their immune system and help their growing brains.

4. Have you tried these recipes or did you get them out of a cook book?

Yes I tried them! I created them. They are made up by me and eaten on a very frequent basis in my house and every house I visit. You will love them.

5. After Level 2 & 3 what’s next?

More video programs for sure! I have many in the works and am creating this website as an online health university. I will help you take your health to the next level and next and next. Also natural beauty is coming and youthening videos too. Stay tuned.



Heather– Vancouver, Canada

“Everything I made was delicious! The recipes were simple. I could find all
the ingredients at the organic grocery store. I don’t like to cook or be in the
kitchen much, but this was really easy and I got excited to go make food for
myself. Love these programs. Thank you!”


Monika – San Jose, California

“My kids love the chocolate brownies and the pop corn. We make the pop
corn daily in our house and can’t get enough. We have snuck it into the
movie theatres too so I can give my kids a snack that’s full of the good stuff.
Excited for Level 4 and more. “


Nettley – Sunshine Coast, Canada

“I really like your recipes and your presentation style. It’s all very simple and
doable. I watch the videos and feel like – I can make this stuff. Very
informative and energetic. Fun to watch and fun to make the food! Thank