Eat Juicy – Think Juicy – Feel Juicy

BUY my most recent presentation filmed at the Sun Valley Wellness Festival
A fabulous 67 min online workshop

What is this about? 7 ways to:

♥ raise your vibration ♥

♥  heal your body naturally ♥ 

♥  never be sick again ♥ 

♥  love yourself more ♥ 

Petra reminds us how our bodies were designed, how powerful our minds are and how we were meant to live on this planet. The information she shares speaks to our hearts and souls because intuitively it makes sense and deeply resonates within. Her message is simple, profound, changes lives and empowers people. It is her mission that every person has the tools to live an extraordinary life. When we EAT JUICY, THINK JUICY and FEEL JUICY we are healthy, happy and empowered! How awesome!

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Eat Juicy – Think Juicy – Feel Juicy
(67min. Online Video Workshop)