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Stephanie, Sun Valley, Idaho

stephanie-gsgofthemonthI would have never know what a green smoothie could do for my life and why I would want to implement them into my daily routine until I met and coached with Petra.

Green smoothies are the easiest and healthiest way to start your day and I couldn’t imagine not having one every morning.

Green smoothies give me energy and sustain me for several hours in the morning. I love that I can drink a smoothie and then go work out and not worry about it affecting my workout in a negative manner. I have noticed if I save my smoothie for after my work out, I am not as energized during but the up side is after the workout, it is like my body is craving the nutrients and protein (love adding flax or Chai). My green smoothies are part of my personality and my mood. Every morning I start off with one of the most healthy meals ever.

I love my green smoothies and I love Petra for helping me understand why they are so important. I am healthier, happier and a better person because of Petra and my green smoothies.

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