Captains Log Update: Almost 1 month on Green Smoothie Gangster Tour I am going through a lot at the same time as I am inspired and more and more empowered.

I am going through my ups and downs of my breakup. Feeling into this feeling of being alone. It has been a long time.

Feeling into full self accountability and not waiting for the man on the white horse to save me – I gotta save me – I gotta create my life – this is a weird psychological concept for women to face. We have been brainwashed since child hood that a prince is coming to our rescue.

Wow I am coming to my rescue!

And now I am without a tour mate and my tour turns into a more solo journey and a soul journey.

Excited and proud of my growth and my willingness and openness to choose me instead of comfort and safety of another.

I forge forward as a warrior goddess of love and health and inspiration! I continue moving my vision, dream and mission along every day and I continue to succeed.

The universe is in my favor – as it is in all our favors. Its really about building my muscle of trust in the universe and in myself. Keeping my mind focussed on the successful outcome and keeping my mind empowered and positive. I am a very powerful manifestor and I remind myself of that every day.

Yes yes yes! I love my life! Even at times where it feels shitty and I feel bummed out – deep down I love me and I love this process and I am
grateful to be alive to experience the ride of life.

Enjoy your ride! Every minute of it! And if there is something you are not enjoying change it! Be accountable to you, to your dreams and to your life.

It is ours to create – so lets ROCK IT OUT!!!!

love you!!!! kiss kiss kiss