What kind of salt are you eating and are you aware that your salt could be causing you harm?

White table salt is very harmful to our health.  It is a leading cause of diabetes, inflammation, bloating, swelling and poorly working organs.

It makes our bodies bloated and on fire.  Yikes!

Don’t worry there are other options and switching your table salt for a healthy salt is a simple switch you can do today.

Improve your health dramatically with this one simple switch! 

Come with me to the grocery store and I will show you how to shop for salt.  

Here are my 2 favorite kinds of salt, they can both be found at the “healthier” grocery stores.

  1.  Pink Himalayan salt – has 72 minerals your body needs
  2.  REAL Salt – this is the name of brand, has 52 minerals, comes from Utah

I know Costco sells pink himalayan salt but I don’t trust the Kirkland brand to not heat and pasteurize their salt.  

Most spices are heated or radiated to “kill” to apparently make safer for public but they are killing all the nutrients too.

Spices are medicine so make sure to get a trusted brand so that you are giving your body the best medicine possible.

Leave me a comment down below….what kind of salt are you eating and are you ready to switch.

Till next time 

much love