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Week 1 – Module #1 – This week’s coaching will empower you to:

  • learn yummy recipes
  • learn about equipment and supplies for smoothie making
  • learn how to get started – see me demo our base smoothie
  • learn to poop the right way to eliminate constipation for ever

You will:  have way more energy – have extra spring in your step – feel better in your body – have more glow in your skin – start going to the bathroom more frequently, maybe a few times per day, getting rid of old stored up fecal matter you have likely been carrying around for years.

Receive recipes and tons of health information. Learn about equipment, ingredients and tips to start program. Learn the difference between juices & smoothies, and juicers & blenders. Learn how to poop properly and eliminate constipation for ever. Feel more inspired.

Week 2 – Module #2 – This week’s coaching will empower you to: *** & LIVE COACHING CALL WITH ME  ***

  • learn new recipes
  • get friendly with the most nutritious vegetable on the planet.
  • learn how to make the most alkalizing healing morning drink
  • add the element of gifting to your challenge so you can change the life of someone you love

Receive more recipes and tons of useful tools.  Learn how to alkaline the body to heal inflammation and sickness.  Learn my favorite protein on the planet. Learn the art of the gifting economy. Feel more empowered.

Week 3 – Module #3 – This week’s coaching will empower you to:

  • learn more delicious recipes
  • learn to trick your kids & yourself into drinking a green smoothie
  • learn how to switch the white stuff out of your kitchen since its killing you
  • change your attitude to gratitude

You will:  be in a happier mood – have clothes fitting better – feel your body more energized and flexible – feel more comfortable in your body – have less hunger and junk food cravings – lose excess weight – have easier more frequent bowel movements – notice your eyes clearer, more vibrant – have more glowing skin

More yummy recipes and inspiration to live an extraordinary life. Learn to switch out one product that is slowly killing us and replace it with one that remineralizes your body instead. Learn the art of gratitude and a practise that will transform your life.  Feel more happy.

Week 4 – Module #4 – This week’s coaching will empower you to: ** & LIVE COACHING CALL WITH ME ***

  •  discover a green way to up your smoothies
  • switch your white death addiction
  • learn a technique to ground, center and calm your energy

You will:  feeling more connected to the senses in your body – feel full more often and nourished – crave a green smoothie every morning – lose more excess weight loss – feel younger & less achy – have a clearer mind – be in a happier Mood – love your body more

Delicious recipes and learn my other favourite green of all time.  Learn to switch out a product that is stopping your immune system from working and is killing your body. Learn a practise that will ground you, bring you inner peace and make you happier. Learn to think happier, healthier, more empowering thoughts.  Love yourself more.

Week 5 – Module #5  – This week’s coaching will empower you to:

  • learn delicious savoury recipes
  • learn how to spice up your green smoothie
  • get smarter in the grocery store
  • change your life by changing your mind

You will:  crave more greens – have more restful sleep – have better mood – have stronger nails & stronger hair – have tons of energy – lose excess weight loss – feel more cleansed – have less hunger and junk food cravings – have more body awareness – become aware of how certain foods make you feel 

Switch things up and learn salty savoury recipes and see my funniest blooper ever!!! Understand ingredients, how to shop, what to buy organic, what’s ok to buy conventional. Learn the art of positive affirmations, reprogramming your thought/speech patterns and consciously creating our speech. Feel more pride in yourself.

Week 6 – Module #6 – This week’s coaching will empower you to:  ***& LIVE COACHING CALL WITH ME ***

  • learn about the best super food on the planet
  • learn about the other best super food on the planet
  • radically love yourself

You will:  have more restful sleep – feel a sense of accomplishment – have a body that feels more vital, alive and healthy – crave to eat healthier food – have stronger nails and hair – be happier in your body – be happier in your mind – be an official Green Smoothie Gangster

 Learn my favourite super food supplement that tastes delicious.  Make more  yummy recipes. Learn a product that will help you lose weight that is so multi purpose, you wont be able to live without it.  Learn to love, adore yourself & become your own best friend.  Transform your self worth and be more empowered.



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Full Course Contents

Here’s a break-down of the full contents of our exclusive landing page training course.


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