Money Isn’t The Problem, You Are! This is the new book I am reading and the title definitely caught my attention!

Money, Money, Money…Do you love it? Are you afraid of it? Do you think it’s dirty? Are you willing to receive lots of it or do you resist it?

These are all important questions to explore our relationship with money.

I am taught that money is just energy, like everything else. So if we can recognize money as a flow of energy and look at our own contraction around this energy, we will be on the path to receiving more of it.

Learning to RECEIVE (anything & everything) is the greatest thing we can do for ourselves.

Most of us have no problem to give but when it comes to receiving we feel uncomfortable. This comes in all ways…love, kindness, gifts, compliments, pats on the back and money. Can we allow ourselves to open up and RECEIVE it all in without any guilt or shame?

Although I can say I love money, I am looking at my own relationship around it. I am witnessing myself contract when I feel afraid I don’t have enough and excited when I receive it.

I am currently working on giving my LOVE to money. I am reading books, meditating on my experiences and looking at where I am holding on to limitations around money.

The below is my MANTRA SONG around money and my relationship with it.

I have been quoting this mantra for many years and it has brought ease, confidence and peace to my life.

My wish is it helps you also…..

Now I would love to hear from you.

What is your relationship with money?

Do you have any useful tips, techniques, books to recommend to increase our ability to receive great abundance and wealth into our lives?

Leave a comment on the bottom of the video.

Love being on the journey with you. Have an awesome day!

This Juicy Beet Inspiration is:
Song: “Money is coming to me”
Album: Songs of the Spirit 2
Musician: Karen Drucker