Why cant you accept it just as it is? Dont ask for more? Be content with what you get?

Why cant you accept it just as it is? Dont ask for more? Be content  with what you get?

Tonight my dad and I went out for dinner and I ordered spaghetti with tomato sauce. I asked for lots of tomato sauce. When my dish arrived there was the bare minimum and so I asked for additional sauce to be brought to me.

My dad said “why cant you accept it just as it is – why do you need to ask for it again ?”

And I said “because I have self worth and I like spaghetti with lots of sauce and I want to give myself what I like because that is how I am taking good care of myself – I am worth the extra sauce”

I realize that my self worth muscle is quite strong these days.

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I feel like I’ve been kicked in the stomach!

I feel like I've been kicked in the stomach!

Could a little wheat and cheese spaz out my stomach so much?

Yes it can! This morning I am waking up, feeling like I poisoned myself with last nights yummy sandwich. I felt this way yesterday morning too but made up that it was the street food noodle/veggie dish I ate but now I am sure it is the wheat and cheese sandwich.

My dad has been buying himself rolls with walnuts, gouda cheese, camembert cheese, butter and making sandwiches. The last two nights my old European taste buds kicked in and I wanted one and in the morning my stomach is in pain, spasm and feels very agitated.

We are all allergic to wheat and dairy (and soy) on various levels. They are natural allergens to the body. But because most of us have been eating them our whole lives, our body has built up internal protectors so we dont feel the effects of them so harshly.

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