I Have Some Juicy Bits For You…

I Have Some Juicy Bits For You...

I am excited to connect with you this week and give you some juicy bits….

Ok first….my new project, I am creating a juicy coaching package for you. 

I have been coaching one on one over skype for the past 1.5 years and am excited to create a more comprehensive program to add more juicy, happiness and empowerment to your life.

I am adding recipes, starter guides, radical self love and daily support from me…..


I am excited to support you so check out my video….yipeee!!!!

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I Totally Splurged On Myself….

I Totally Splurged On Myself....

I totally splurged today and self loved myself with a JUICY gift and I am very excited!!!


I bought myself a DoTerra EDIBLE Essential Oil Kit that is being sent to my door and will arrive next week. Wahooo!


Do you know about essential oils?   Do you use them?  Maybe you put them into an electric water diffuser to freshen up your home….or burn some over a candle….. maybe you sprinkle a few drops into your bath?….


Well did you know there are FOOD GRADE QUALITY essential oils (like DoTerra Brand) that you can EAT?! 

This has totally rocked my world!!!

I love drinking water, but find that plain water gets boring.  I have looked for natural water flavorings but most are full of sugar, food coloring or aspartame (aka rat poison).


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I’m Embarrassed to Say This….

I'm Embarrassed to Say This....

Does this ever happen to you?

You get paralyzed with fear or the inability to move so you stay stuck…and this does not feel JUICY at all!

Yet it feels painful to move towards what we want too? Urgghhhh!!!!

So what can we do?

Well this video I filmed in Ashland was one way that I moved past fear as I drove the West Coast of USA this summer on my Eat Juicy & Green Smoothie Gangster Tour.

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