Chippie Chips and a Big NO NO Ingredient

Chippie Chips and a Big NO NO Ingredient

I am excited to connect with you this week and to share this new episode of “Eat Juicy TV – Healthy tips and recipes to live an extraordinary life”.

In this episode I talk about one ingredient that is being added to most chips and so many other products that is toxic for the body and never meant for human consumption.

Used to make food cheaper and meant for machinery and magazines instead of food.

Check out this juicy video and empower yourself with knowledge!

Foods To Avoid Eating

I am excited to share with you 3 food groups I avoid and how much that has changed my life.

I started getting onto my juicy path with smoothies first thing in the morning.  Before I discovered green smoothies I was making coconut meat, coconut water, raw chocolate and hemp seed smoothies.

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Gratitude is our New Attitude

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This video I shot this fall in Ashland Oregon as I was on the Green Smoothie Gangster Tour and it fits perfectly in our 21 day program.

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Handing out free green smoothie samples at Aloha Festival Maui 2013

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