Money Isn’t The Problem, You Are!

Money Isn't The Problem, You Are!

Money Isn’t The Problem, You Are! This is the new book I am reading and the title definitely caught my attention!

Money, Money, Money…Do you love it? Are you afraid of it? Do you think it’s dirty? Are you willing to receive lots of it or do you resist it?

These are all important questions to explore our relationship with money.

I am taught that money is just energy, like everything else. So if we can recognize money as a flow of energy and look at our own contraction around this energy, we will be on the path to receiving more of it.

Learning to RECEIVE (anything & everything) is the greatest thing we can do for ourselves.

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Give Yourself a Natural Blood Transfusion!

Give Yourself a Natural Blood Transfusion!

Did you know that coconut water is the closest liquid to our own human blood?  Back in WWII, coconut water was given as emergency intravenous fluid when blood supplies were low and it’s the only natural non-blood substance that can be safely injected into the human bloodstream.

When you drink coconut water you are actually cleansing your own blood and giving yourself a blood transfusion. AWESOME! 
Coconut water is the highest source of electrolytes on the planet.  Electrolytes are found naturally in our blood, but can get low due to exertion or illness.  So it’s important to replenish the body with electrolytes for optimal health and especially after a work out. 

Can we expand our heart?

Can we expand our heart?

I recently read a post from my male friend expressing love for his daughter saying “I have never felt so strongly for someone or something”

and I wonder….

Can we expand our heart and open up to a love partner as we can to a child or an animal?

It feels so much easier to fully open up our hearts to children and animals as the love feels more pure and unconditional….similar to the love some of us got from our mothers.

I am sure that women struggle with this as well, even though most can live in their hearts a lot easier than men, and I have noticed it is much more difficult for the men I know.

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