Are you getting enough protein in your diet?

Do you think you can only get protein from eating meat?

Do you know the difference between eating meat protein and eating plant protein?

In this week’s episode of Eat Juicy TV, we meet my friend Jay who is an athlete (Mixed Martial Arts Fighter) and who is on a plant based diet and feeling great. 

I love meeting people, especially athletes who are thriving on a RAW FOOD VEGAN diet and getting tons of plant based protein into their diet.

Juicy Forms of Plant Based Protein:

Almonds – 32 grams per cup

Mac Nuts – 10 grams per cup

Pumpkin Seeds – 40 grams per cup

Nut Butter – 60 grams per cup

Nutritional Yeast – 60 grams per cup

Oatmeal – 14 grams per cup

Quinoa – 24 grams per cup

Lentils – 17.9 grams per cup

Cacao – 17 grams per cup

Flax Seeds – 30 grams per cup

Hemp Seeds – 5 grams per tablespoon

Chia Seeds – 4 grams per tablespoon

Spirulina – 4 grams per tablespoon

Rice Protein powder – 24 grams per scoop


I wanna hear from you!

What plant base protein do you use and love?

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