Happy May Day Friends!

We are transitioning from Winter to Spring and this time is called Beltane.

These next few days are a powerful energetic time on the planet so I invite you to take advantage of your manifesting and visioning time……I will be!

This is a time to really get clear of our dreams, visions and manifestations.  It is a time to look at where we are putting our energy – physical or mental – and reassessing if we want to continue or change course.

It’s also a time to dream in new ideas, projects, relationships, friendships, creations that you want to start putting your energy towards.

Sunday is also the full moon, extra power, which is always a perfect time to set intention, release what no longer serves us and call in what is our heart’s truest desire.

The full moon is also a time to self reflect and take a moment for ourselves and connect to something outside of us….the Universe!!!

I love taking time out on the full moon and creating a ceremony….I invite you to try it.

Sometimes I write on a piece of paper what I want to release to the full moon and what no longer serves me;  And I write what I want to call in, what I am visioning for my life.  Then I burn it….or sometimes I keep it….or I dont write anything and say it out loud to the full moon.

It’s awesome to do this kind of ceremony with your friends, family, communities because the power of people listening to your declarations magnifies all the releases and the wishes.

In this video I speak about creating a full moon gathering and why I believe they are so important in creating a juicy life for ourselves.

I filmed it during my 21 days to a Juicy Life series.

Check it out!  and Try doing a ceremony!

I send you so much juicy love – here is to happy visioning of our hearts truest desires.

I would love to hear from you.

Do you do full moon ceremonies?  Do you take time out any other time during the year to release the old and call in the new?  What kind of ceremony do you do?

Leave a comment below!  I love learning from all of you!

Petra EatJuicy​
Green Smoothie Gangster – Petra Eat Juicy​