Today is the anniversary of my momma passing away 12 years ago!  Wow!

12 years ago and 3 months prior, my mom was diagnosed with cancer and died within 3 months.

Since that day I made it my mission to learn everything I can about healing cancer naturally and preventing it from ever coming.

Years of extensive research, spending time with many powerful healers and health experts, and self healing my own body from a potential cancer scare – I believe with my whole being that each of us has the power within to heal ourselves naturally of any ailment or disease. 


We are POWERFUL BEINGS and we have

the power to heal ourselves in direct proportion

to how well we eat and

take care of our bodies and minds.


How we fuel our bodies with the food we eat, the liquids we drink, and the thoughts we think is our link to optimal health.



This video is of my fabulous amazing new friend Karrie Roy who came to Maui in May and we became instant besties. 


Karrie’s story and her life obviously touched my heart and affirmed the importance of teaching these powerful self healing techniques to the world.


Check out this woman THRIVING with cancer and healing it every minute of the day.

You are all powerful!

My intention for these newsletters and coaching programs is to empower each of you to have the faith and the tools to know you can heal your bodies and your minds yourselves.


I want you to REMEMBER how powerful you are!


So don’t just hand your power over to doctors and hope that they have all the answers for you. 


It’s time to get knowledgeable and work with your doctor and be strong in your own knowing that you have all the information you need. 

Then from this powerful place you can choose how to handle your life.


For deeper guidance and support – book a 3 hour coaching package with me and let’s rock out your life. 

We can cover A LOT in 3 hours!

~ Heal ~  Lose weight ~ Get extra energy ~ Look younger ~

~ Feel sexier, happier and more confident ~

~ Have more vitality, longevity and life force surging through you ~

~ Learn to eat life giving food instead of life taking food ~  

~ Learn thought patterns that will heal you instead of kill you ~

~ Take your health and your life to the next level ~

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I love love love you!  and I love love love my momma and miss her!


To check out Karrie’s website ~ ~


Sending juicy love your way…Petra