Invest in Your Health – Buy a Vitamix!
Save $200 and Get Free Shipping!


When you get tired of chunky smoothies and know healthy is your path…it will be time to invest in a High Speed Blender like a VITAMIX.

Steps to Buy:

1. Call Vitamix Order Center 1-800-848-2649 or use the links below

2. Give them my FREE SHIPPING CODE 06-008662

3. Ask for a refurbished model.

This means the base has been used a few times in a demo. You will receive a brand new pitcher and everything is boxed and looks brand new. There is a 5 year warranty and you can trust this machine will last. I have a refurbished one and I couldn’t tell it had been lightly used.

Discount Model 5200 – $329 – Save $120 – Free Shipping Code 06-008662
My favorite model – 1 to 10 speed dial – Extra high speed switch –
5 year warranty – Ships to USA only – Colors black, stainless, red, white –

Discount Model 500 – $349 – Save $300 – Free Shipping Code 06-008662
Programmed settings for Smoothies, Hot soups, Frozen desserts –
Pulse button – 1 to 10 speed dial – 5 year warranty – Ships to USA only –
Colors black, stainless, cream, red, white – 64 oz container – 120V…/Certified-Reconditioned-Standard-…

Yay!  You will LOVE this machine!

I love this machine! I have used a Blendtec, Ninja, Nutribullet and my Vitamix is my favorite!

Since you are on the healthy path, it’s helpful to have equipment that makes your life easier. The Vitamix makes my life easier and makes my smoothies so creamy. Most other blenders can’t handle kale and I end up chewing my smoothie a lot, I’m not a big fan of chunky smoothies.

I can use it to make raw icecream and blend soups till they become hot but still stay raw.  I have owned my machine for 7 years and it still works great!


Comparing to other blenders:

~ Blendtec – An awesome high speed blender that is just as powerful as Vitamix.  Which one you choose comes down to preference.  Buy a discounted Blendtec here.

~ Ninja – Personally a waste of money.  Has been marketed well but does not blend, last or juice as well as the two above.  Better to spend a little more and get something that will last and make your smoothies awesome.

~ Nutribullet – Love this blender for traveling.  Can’t do kale very well, but spinach works great for making green smoothies.  I love taking this on camping, road and hotel trips.

~ Regular Blender – If it blends use it.  If your smoothies are creamy and it works for you then keep it until you are ready to upgrade.  Some regular blenders are made to last and blend awesome.

Supporting you to making GETTING HEALTHY EASY!!!