Work With Me

Work With Me

♥ Juicy Lifestyle Coaching ♥

Lose weight, have more energy, cleanse, heal, prevent disease, reverse aging, cancer prevention & reversal, heal digestive issues, detox and empower yourself.



BUY $140 per hour

BUY $300 3 hour package



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I make getting healthy easy and doable for everyone.

I will guide you to eat healthier super food meals, have way more energy, youthen your face and body, heal from sickness and prevent it from ever coming.

Let’s do this!  What can my coaching help you with?…..
Do you have cancer or diabetes and want to heal naturally?
Do you want help with raw food / live food making?
Do you need healing, extra energy and feeling better in your body?
Are struggling to make time for yourself and need help?
Are you too busy for self care, making healthy meals and
need some support to make it easy?
Are you feeling not so great in your body?  A little overweight and
uncomfortable in your clothes?

Do you suffer from digestion problems, heart burn, feeling tired and sluggish?

Does the idea of “getting healthy” feel daunting and unreachable?

Do the options for vitamins, superfoods & protein powders seem confusing and you don’t know what to buy to get the most out of your money?

Do you want to love yourself more?

Do you want to love your body more?

Do you want to love your life more?

I can help with!

We will speak via skype and I will be speaking to you from my Hobbit Faerie House on Maui Hawaii! 


Schedule a 20 min free consultation with me to see if we are a good fit!


For 10 + years I have been empowering people through classes and one on one coaching.

All of my clients have felt radical shifts in their life and an overall increase in energy, vitality and health.
If you wish to take your life to the next level and prevent or heal from disease and want some guidance, I would love to help you.

My mission is to empower you around food, cleansing, proper bowel care, weight loss, youthening, preventing and healing from disease, connection to yourself, mind power and self love.

So let me know how I can help.

With so much love and gratitude

♥ Petra ♥
Juicy Lifestyle Health Coach, Juicy Life Activist & Green Smoothie Gangster